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Our team of veterinary experts and supporting team members is passionate about caring for animals and providing flawless service to their owners at every appointment and interaction. Learn more about the people that make Prairie Lane Veterinary Hospital one of Omaha’s most trusted vets.

David Eaton


Meet Dr. David Eaton, an esteemed associate veterinarian at Prairie Lane Veterinary Hospital, whose dedication to the well-being of animals has spanned over three decades. Graduating from Iowa State University in 1990, Dr. Eaton has been a trusted figure in the veterinary field, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to our practice.

Hailing from Sidney, Iowa, Dr. Eaton's roots are deeply connected to the Midwest.

Dr. Eaton's passion for veterinary medicine extends to surgery, with a particular enthusiasm for orthopedics. His surgical expertise has made him a go-to professional for intricate procedures, ensuring the health and vitality of the animals under his care.

At home, Dr. Eaton shares his life with Onyx, a lively retriever. Onyx's love for frisbees and retrieving waterfowl reflects not only the joy of a pet-owner bond but also the shared enthusiasm for outdoor activities that characterize Dr. Eaton's lifestyle.

In his leisure time, Dr. Eaton enjoys quality moments with his two sons, indulging in shared hobbies such as hunting, fishing, welding, and woodworking. These shared activities not only strengthen family bonds but also contribute to Dr. Eaton's versatile skill set beyond the veterinary clinic.

Dr. Eaton's culinary interests shine through his love for cooking, with a special affinity for Spicy Thai and BBQ dishes. His appreciation for diverse flavors mirrors his well-rounded approach to life, both in and out of the clinic.

With his extensive veterinary career, commitment to family, and diverse interests, Dr. David Eaton embodies the values of Prairie Lane Veterinary Hospital. His dedication to the health and happiness of animals, coupled with his broad range of skills and passions, makes him an invaluable member of our team.

Molly McWilliams

DVM, MS, CWR & Medical Director

Dr. Molly McWilliams DVM, MS, CWR, is a Veterinarian at Prairie Lane Animal Hospital. She has been proudly saving the world one pet at a time since the ancient era of 2020. You may recognize her from such educational establishments as Iowa State.

Not to brag (totally bragging), but she is not your average doc! While most vets might balk at a lizard with the sniffles or a snake with an attitude, Dr. McWilliams is all over it. From the typical cats and dogs to the wilder ferrets, rabbits, turtles, chinchillas, and you get the picture, they’re all her jam.

At home, she truly leads wildlife. For Starters, there's Ryker, her husky who thinks he's the new clinic mascot. He's often found at work, trying to play "boss" but mostly failing adorably. And, then there's Neelix, the definition of a good boy. Oh' and can’t forget about her cat who’s probably plotting world domination, and her reptile room which, yes, is exactly as cool as it sounds.

On the human side, she and her husband Ben are raising a budding animal whisperer, Annika. If you hear about a new Superhero in town who can communicate with pets, you know who it is.

When she is not being a dorky vet, you can catch her defying gravity and logic with her local circus group-flying through the air and juggling fire. And if she's not airborne or setting things (responsibly) on fire, she is either chasing drones with Ben, trekking through the great outdoors, or freezing moments in time with her camera.

Music Confession: If you ever sneak a peak into our surgery room, you might be treated to a unique blend of old school rap, punk, SKA, and those songs your grandma told you to avoid.

P.S. If anyone knows a good Scrub Cap Anonymous group, let her know. She has been told that she has a "tiny" addiction.

Celene Oglesbee


Meet Dr. Celene Oglesbee, a compassionate and highly skilled associate veterinarian at Prairie Lane Veterinary Hospital. Graduating from Iowa State University in 2018, Dr. Oglesbee is dedicated to providing exceptional care to animals while constantly seeking opportunities for professional growth.

Dr. Oglesbee is not only a certified Fear Free practitioner but also holds a Feline Friendly certification, underscoring her commitment to creating stress-free and comfortable environments for her feline patients. With a special interest in cardiology, she brings a wealth of expertise to the clinic, ensuring comprehensive care for pets with heart-related concerns.

Hailing from Des Moines, Dr. Oglesbee's journey in veterinary medicine is deeply rooted in her passion for science and her desire to strengthen the human-animal bond. Her empathetic approach to veterinary care reflects her understanding of the profound connections between pets and their human companions.

At home, Dr. Oglesbee shares her life with her husband Luke, three spirited cats, and soon-to-arrive daughter Kirby. The diverse personalities of her feline companions not only enrich her personal life but also contribute to her understanding and appreciation of the unique characteristics of each pet she encounters.

In her leisure time, Dr. Oglesbee finds joy in various pursuits. Swing dancing with her husband allows her to unwind and enjoy moments of connection, while her artistic inclinations find expression through art and photography. Dr. Oglesbee's love for travel further broadens her perspectives and adds to the depth of her experiences.

Dr. Oglesbee's commitment to compassionate care, coupled with her diverse interests and certifications, makes her an asset to Prairie Lane Veterinary Hospital. Her dedication to both the science of veterinary medicine and the art of building meaningful connections with clients and their pets embodies the ethos of our practice.


Practice Manager

Meet Heather, our experienced Veterinary Practice Manager since 1999, devoted to animal well-being and clinic success. A Certified Veterinary Practice Manager, she studied Veterinary Practice Management at St. Petersburg College, bringing valuable knowledge to our team. At home, Heather enjoys the company of Lynda the Chihuahua and Eleven the mixed breed, emphasizing family in her life. Her leadership style fosters a positive work environment, supporting colleagues in their passions. Beyond work, Heather finds joy in traveling and leisurely pursuits like reading and crocheting. Her commitment to animal well-being and team growth makes her an exceptional leader, creating a thriving environment for clients and colleagues.


Lead Technician

Meet Aleah, our exceptional Lead Technician, whose passion for veterinary care and leadership shines through every action. With a wealth of experience, Aleah has become a cornerstone of our team, known for her commitment to client education and empathetic leadership. Beyond technical proficiency, she joyfully shares her knowledge, ensuring pet owners feel empowered.

Balancing a dynamic veterinary career with family life, Aleah is a devoted mother to two daughters, fostering a supportive environment within our team. In her leisure time, she's a bibliophile, skilled crocheter, and culinary enthusiast, blending precision with creativity. Aleah's diverse talents, combined with her love for animals, enrich our team, creating a well-rounded and supportive environment. As Lead Technician, she exemplifies leadership, compassion, and a commitment to excellence, extending her influence beyond the clinic's walls.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Dianne, a seasoned professional with an impressive 25-year tenure in veterinary medicine, has dedicated the past 21 years as a licensed veterinary technician. Her commitment to the well-being of animals extends beyond the clinic, where her expertise in lab work shines. Dianne excels in earning the trust of even the most apprehensive animals, showcasing a heartwarming approach that alleviates the pain and discomfort of her furry patients. Her invaluable contributions make her a cherished member of the veterinary community.

At home, Dianne's vibrant menagerie includes Mac, an American Bulldog mix, and a playful quartet of feline companions—Lenny Manytoes, Logan, Chitty Kitty Bang Bang, and Cheeze. Mochi, the bearded dragon, and her rats Skrunkle and Doingus add an exotic flair to the family. Beyond her passion for animal care, Dianne finds joy in creative pursuits such as writing, reading, and collecting movie memorabilia. Her intriguing quirk includes a collection of ugly ceramic cats, reflecting her sense of humor and appreciation for the whimsical. Hailing from Wyoming, Dianne's academic journey was initially aimed at premed but took a turn towards her true calling - advocating for and caring for animals. Celebrating 20 years of marriage, Dianne has built a loving family with two children, achieving a harmonious balance between her professional dedication and personal fulfillment.


Vet Assistant

Meet Nicole, a dedicated member of our veterinary team from Tennessee, committed to the well-being of our furry and scaly friends. As a seasoned Veterinary Assistant, she's now pursuing Vet Tech school, showcasing her dedication to continuous learning. Nicole's personal menagerie at home includes dogs, a cat, a horse, a ball python, and a crested gecko, highlighting her love for a diverse range of creatures.

Within the clinic, Nicole's proficiency spans phlebotomy, pharmacology, and dentistry, reflecting her fascination with both common and exotic pets. Outside of work, Nicole leads an adventurous life, enjoying horseback riding and exploring her love for reptiles at shows. As our Inventory Manager, she ensures our clinic is well-stocked, contributing to the seamless functioning of our practice. Nicole's multifaceted interests, commitment to animal care, and dedication to continuous learning make her an invaluable member of our team, embodying the spirit of compassion and curiosity in our pursuit of veterinary excellence.


Vet Assistant

Meet Taylor, our experienced Veterinary Assistant with over a decade of dedication to animal care. From grooming and doggy daycare to surgeries and exotic animals, Taylor's diverse expertise enriches our team. Outside the clinic, she enjoys outdoor adventures with her husband and cares for a loving furry family, including Freya the Pitbull and two cats, Kiki and Crowley. Taylor's creativity extends to candle making, and her commitment to community service reflects her positive impact beyond clinic walls. Her extensive background, leadership qualities, and passion for animals make Taylor an invaluable member of our veterinary team, bringing a deep and genuine connection to the world of veterinary medicine.



Meet Amy, a dedicated Client Care Specialist and valued member of our veterinary clinic. Originating from Omaha, Amy embarked on her animal industry journey at 15, and her unwavering passion for animals has been a constant throughout her impressive career. Transitioning from a seasoned veterinary technician to her current role, Amy's versatility, and dedication shine, providing comprehensive support to both our team and clients. Her wealth of experience ensures a deep understanding of the needs of pets and their owners.

At home, Amy shares her life with Cheyenne, a canine companion adding joy to her daily routine, reinforcing her genuine connection to the furry friends she cares for. As a Client Care Specialist, Amy's eagerness to help clients and versatility within the practice highlight her commitment to providing exceptional service. Beyond work, Amy treasures family moments and explores culinary adventures, embodying the warm and welcoming atmosphere she contributes to in our veterinary clinic.



Donna, a dedicated and experienced member of our veterinary clinic team, brings a wealth of knowledge gained over several years to our practice. Originally from California, Donna's journey into animal care began at a stable, where her enduring passion for animals took root.

In her personal life, Donna nurtures a vibrant community of tropical fish, highlighting her commitment to a diverse array of creatures. Her interest in model horses reflects a creative side, and her love for nature extends beyond the clinic as she enjoys leisurely walks and captures the beauty of the outdoors through her passion for photography. Donna's keen eye for aesthetics and flair for design, whether at home or in the clinic, adds a personal touch, creating warm and inviting spaces. Donna's multifaceted interests and skills make her an invaluable asset to our team, showcasing her commitment to creating a harmonious and caring environment for both clients and their beloved pets.



Meet Jenny, our dedicated Client Care Specialist for an impressive decade, whose commitment to creating positive experiences for clients and their pets makes her an indispensable team member. With a warm smile and genuine interest, Jenny excels in welcoming everyone who walks through our doors, fostering meaningful connections that reflect her passion for client satisfaction.

Beyond the clinic, Jenny's life is enriched by her two furry companions - Emmy, a beagle mix, and Gypsy, a charming Chihuahua. Her love for pets extends to daily walks, where she not only provides exercise but also enjoys the simple pleasures of the outdoors.  Family holds a special place in Jenny's heart, mirroring the warmth and care she brings to her interactions with clients and their pets. Whether strolling with Emmy and Gypsy or spending time with loved ones, Jenny's dedication to well-being, both professionally and personally, defines the positive atmosphere that sets our clinic apart.

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