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Senior Pet Care

After a lifetime of energetic play and loyal companionship, our senior pets deserve to live their later years in as much comfort and good health as possible. At Prairie Lane Veterinary Hospital, we can help your senior pet access all of the care it needs for a happy life.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

Some pets enter their golden years as young as six years old! The good news is, the medical team at Prairie Lane Veterinary Hospital is highly experienced in helping senior pets live long and healthy lives.

Senior pets benefit from age-specific wellness plans much like puppies and kittens do. Our goal is to keep your senior pet active and resilient against common age-related conditions, parasites, and aches and pains. To do so, we recommend semi-annual wellness visits and frequent health screenings, which allows us to identify health changes sooner. Since a senior pet’s immune system faces greater vulnerability, this is of paramount importance in preventing common conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, dental disease, cancer, glaucoma, weight loss, and more.

You may also begin to notice behavioral changes in your senior pet. We understand that behavioral issues are never easy, and we want to help. With a little patience and direction from the doctors at Prairie Lane Veterinary Hospital, we can help you resolve behavioral issues such as house soiling, greater vocalization, disorientation, irritability, less grooming, and changes in sleep schedules. Please do not give up on your beloved companion due to behavioral frustrations!

Hospice and euthanasia services are also available when the time comes to say goodbye. We understand that this is a sensitive time and are always here for advice, support, and guidance.

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